INNIVATE are the exclusive distributors for Coopers Smoke Curtains in South East Asia!

From The Shard in London to the Sydney Opera House . . .

Many of the world's most prestigious buildings rely upon Coopers Fire Barriers and Smoke Curtains to protect their buildings and its occupants, from the harmful effect of fire and smoke.


Over the past 30 years, Coopers have worked tirelessly to build this trust in their products. Though continuous investment in developing materials, registering patents, manufacturing and extensive R&D, they've grown to become the worlds most trusted and specified Fire Barrier and Smoke Curtain specialists.


Underpinning this trust is an extensive list of recognised international accreditations from independent accredited third parties and industry bodies.


Vertical Fire Curtains


FireMaster™ is an active (automatic) vertical Fire curtain that compartments the movement of Fire in a building. It comprises a technologically advanced Fire-resistant fabric, fixed to a steel roller, which is in turn driven by an internal tubular electric motor.


The roller is mounted and enclosed in a steel housing and the bottom edge of the curtain has a weighted bar. It is activated via a fire detection system and depolys down to FFL (finished floor level) to create a complete Fire separation and is very often used as part of an overall Fire control system design.

EvacU8® Fire Curtains


FireMaster™ evacU8® is a unique patented bi-roller system which has narrow interweaving / overlapped panels, measuring only 600mm wide. Each panel overlaps the other and has its own self levelling bottom bar ballast system. It comprises a fire fire-resistant non-combustible fabric fixed to twin steel rollers which is driven by an internal tubular electric motor.


The roller is mounted and enclosed in a steel housing and the bottom edge of the curtain has a weighted bar.


Evacuees can simply walk through the 'strips' which then fall back into place, helped by the patented anti-tangle system. This unique design now provides an intuitive means of escaping through the barrier in times of emergency and is ideal for high occupancy building evacuation or high traffic areas.  It specifically addresses those evacuees with limited ambulatory movement.

Concertina Fire Curtains


Concertina™ is a unique active (automatic) vertical Fire curtain that is a pleated curtain design rather than mounted on a roller tube.  The design enables compartmentation of a space without the need for intermediate side guide rails.  Enabling compartmentation in a shape rather than just a square or rectangle.  All curtains and components fit neatly within a head box and avoid unsightly motors, roller tubes and wires, as seen on other designs.  The control methodology is as per vertical curtains where control can be grouped or working from dedicated panels.

Horizontal Fire Curtains


FireMaster® Horizontal fire barriers are active (automatic) fire Barriers that act as a separating element in the horizontal plane. They comprise a technologically advanced fire-resistant fabric fixed and tensioned between rollers mounted at either end of the opening.


The rollers are driven by a tubular motor and are mounted and enclosed in a steel housing.  The leading edge of the curtain has a pre-tensioned supporting bar spanning between the side channels, that retains the fabric curtain. Using our NVS™ technology, there are no visible support cables spaning the opening, giving designers a completely uninterrupted void opening.


Fire Barriers are activated via the fire detection system and horizontally close and seal the opening in a floor void or ceiling.

CPD and Lunch box Sessions

Coopers Fire is a full member of the UK Construction RIBA Service and through INNIVATE offers free CPD and 'Lunch-box' seminars on ‘Smoke Curtain: Selection & Application.