Unlike many commercially available systems, the INNIVATE louvre is fully extruded to ensure a consistent form and quality and is assembled using UV stabilised sealing gaskets and stainless steel ‘300 series’ fasteners.  All louvre modules are pre-assembled in factory conditions to ensure quality and consistency and pre-cut front louvre blades (on architectural line systems) are easily and securely ‘clipped on’ on site, to minimise site installation time and provide a quick and easy assembly.




Allowance for thermal expansion is provided within the design of the system, by the use of specified expansion gaps calculated on louvre lengths, co-efficient of expansion and variance in ambient operating temperatures. 

Aluminium is a versatile substrate for many architectural finishes including anodising, Polyester Powder and PVDF coatings. Choice of colours for both Powder Coating and PVDF finishes can be taken from the standard RAL or BS colour ranges.  Generally this will provide a good source of reference for colour matching.  Metallic and Exotic colour choices are available but prone to a greater degree of colour variation as well as increased cost.  It should be noted that when coating a louvre system, 1 m2 of paint does not coat 1m2 of louvre due to the developed area of the product.  Typically coating ratios of 1:3 to 1:8.5 are applied, making the choice of coating a key factor in the final cost of an application.


All INNIVATE Performance Louvres are manufactured from high grade extruded aluminium to grades 6061 or 6063, tempers T5 or T6.  This ensures the material has good mechanical properties (with ultimate tensile strengths of at least 152 MPa to 300 MPa), is heat treatable and weldable, and ideally suited for a range of architectural finishes including anodising, polyester power and PVDF coatings.  Aluminium is light in weight, (about one third of the weight of steel), which results in a lighter product, and therefore, more efficient use of transport.  Aluminium is also corrosion resistant and is 100% recyclable, without loss of quality or strength.