How is it applied?
What you get?
  • In the conference room - Create a collaborative ideation space that can accommodate your big ideas! Paint all four walls from floor to ceiling, even the conference table – our new CLEAR would look great! Get your co-workers on their feet working and exploring as a team


  • On your desk - Do away with post-its and scratch pads. Use IdeaPaint to jot down notes during calls, keep track of your action items, and brainstorm new ideas.


  • In your break room - Make use of dead space by painting a wall or a counter to create a fun and interactive space to communicate with your team.


  • In hallways - The hallway sees more foot traffic than anywhere, which makes it the ideal place to communicate with IdeaPaint. At the iSchool in NYC, painting the hallways increased student interactions and made an instant impression on visitors to the school.


  • On old surfaces - Use IdeaPaint to breathe new life into your existing work surfaces, like whiteboards or chalkboards. Resurfacing with IdeaPaint is both cost effective and environmentally responsible.


  • On doors, columns, cubicles and tables – Any surface can become a message centre! Add functionality to unexpected places and create new spaces for people to communicate.


  • In every meeting – Engage your audience! IdeaPaint helps you infuse energy into a static presentation, turning any session into a dynamic and collaborative experience.

Where is it used?

In 2008, IdeaPaint introduced the first dry erase paint ever invented – our PRO formula! With over 100,000 successful installations and growing, the original is still the most durable dry erase coating available.  IdeaPaint PRO erases cleanly every time and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. IdeaPaint PRO is recommended for professional installation only.


Each kit includes:  

THIS can to mix into THAT can, recommended roller, stir stick, can opener, HELP guide, Wet Paint sign.


Recommended Surfaces:

Most sealed, non-porous surfaces, including stained wood, painted drywall, plastic, metal, aluminium, chalkboards, and whiteboards.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION REQUIRED - IdeaPaint PRO is a single coat commercial formula recommended for professional installers only. Application surfaces should be prepped to at least a 4 level finish and primed before installation of IdeaPaint. IdeaPaint PRO should only be installed with the roller included in the kit.


For more information on technical specifications and installation instructions, you can view the IdeaPaint website at:

The question should be reworded to "who doesn't use us!"  Many of the World's leading innovators and educators use IdeaPaint to explore their big ideas. These include:



Who uses it?

White Board Paint by IdeaPaint


IdeaPaint exists for one simple reason: to fundamentally improve the way people work. IdeaPaint was born from this very notion, a frustration with the way ideas were shared and co-workers collaborated. How can you think big when you write small? How can you harness the collective intelligence when it’s awkward to share what’s inside your own head? How can you think on your feet when you’re sitting on your hands?  IdeaPaint transforms any surface into a boundless dry erase canvas, giving you the space you need to create, connect and fully explore your big ideas.  We could see the writing on the wall.  Leave your mark!

IdeaPaint @ work
IdeaPaint @ school
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Is it GREEN?

IdeaPaint PRO is an environmentally compliant, low-emission paint certified according to the stringent requirements of UL GREENGUARD Gold.

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See IdeaPaint @ school
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